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what to expect

Well Visit Schedule


Prenatal Visit

Ideally 2 months before due date
At this visit, we discuss your concerns, expectations and answer your questions. Questions regarding vaccinations will be addressed and educational information will be shared with you. We will also address car seat safety. The issue about your baby’s delivery whether at the hospital, birthing center or home.


Newborn Well Check

Within first week
At this visit, we discuss newborn behavior, how you can read the cues your baby gives you. We explain under what circumstances you should contact us.


2 Weeks - 1 Month

At this visit we look at your baby’s development e.g. eye contact, raising the head slightly when on tummy and staying awake for an hour or longer


2 Months

At this visit, we look forward to seeing your baby’s improved head control, social smiles, cooing and tracking with eyes


4 Months

At this visit, your baby has started to roll, has good chest support when on tummy, laughs/babbles and reaches for objects with both hands


6 Months

At this visit we see your baby roll both ways and is making attempts to crawl. The baby is transferring objects between hands, is sitting well with support, babbles and laughs. We will discuss introducing solid foods.

9 Months

At this visit, we explain that your baby may show some stranger anxiety, sits well alone, is making consonant sounds, has developed an excellent pincer grasp and pulls to a stand.

1 Year

At this visit your toddler may be cruising along furniture, may say 1-2 word, is finger feeding self, is pointing and waving. At this visit, we will check the hemoglobin to rule out anemia.

15 Months

At this visit your toddler is most likely walking alone, understands what you say and ask and is saying 3-5 words, starting to use utensils.

18 Months

At this visit your toddler has at least 10 words, is running and kicking and throwing balls, is feeding self with utensils and is having more struggles with independence and tantrums.

2 Years

At this visit, your toddler is climbing stairs, says at least 20+ words and has 2-word phrases, scribbles/colors, starts dressing and undressing self. We will guide you with toilette training issues as well as how to best handle two-year behavior.

2 1/2 Years

At this visit your toddler will have mastered 2 phrase sentences, has up to 50 words and can follow two-step commands.

3 Years

At this visit your toddler can say 3-word sentences, the speech is understandable most of the time, he/she can jump in place, knows name and age, copies circles and cross signs, has independence seeking behavior

Yearly Visits

At every annual well-child visit we focus on physiologic, emotional and cognitive development.



As you can see – Delaying these visits can put your child at greater risk of illness or delay needed interventions. For example, many common developmental delays are discovered during routine checkups with our providers – early intervention makes a big difference in getting your child the support they need before something small turns into a bigger issue.

Well-child visits allow us to be most supportive of your parenting needs. Of course, you may share “pearls of wisdom” you have encountered as you watch your child grow up and may want to share with us!